Valentin Dresely

· Date of birth: 21st of January 1979
· Professional tree climber since 2004
· Located in Southern Germany
· Languages : German and English
· Qualifications:
Diplom Forstwirt (Master of forestry science)
Fachagrarwirt Baumpflege (german tree worker certificate)
Baumpflegespezialist mit eidgen. Fachausweis (swiss tree worker certificate)
Certified instructor for climbing courses for Arborfaktur tree climbing school
Certified tree climber for seed harvest in Germany
International member of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)
Officially authorized examiner for the Fachargarwirt at the LVG Heidelberg


“Trees are one of the most fascinating life forms on the planet. Working with and climbing in trees makes my life more interesting and satisfying. Getting to know their great variety and sharing this experience is why I’m part of this project.  ”

Kike Castro

· Date of birth: 21st of January 1978
· Professional tree climber since 2006
· Located in Spain ( catalunya)
· Languages : Catalan, Spanish and English
· Qualifications:
European tree worker certificate by the European Arboricultural Council
City and Guilds, NPTC___
CS 30 chainsaw maintenance and use
CS 31 tree removal
CS 39 use a chainsaw with the harness
CS 38 Tree climbing and aerial rescue
Several courses about tree climbing techniques, tree removal, aerial
Rescue in trees, tree biology, tree arquitecture, ….
Member of the workshop Arquitecture in trees and other, tropical plants ( French Guyana,
professor Francis Hallé ) taking samples from trees using tree climbing techniques.
Member of the Asociación Española de Arboriculturakike

Valentine Alt

· Date of birth: 14th of January 1989
· Professionnal tree climber since 2012
· Located in French Guyana
· Languages : French, English and Spanish
· Studies : DEUG in Biology ; Professionnal Licence in « forest and environment »
· Qualifications:
Have been working in severals scientifics projects as treeclimber in french Guyana.
(Research organism : CNRS, CIRAD, UMR ECOFOG, Antwerpen University, ONF,
Biotope …)


” Their is still so much to discover about life in trees. Getting closer to their secrets is a great privilege that I have as tree climber and that I like to share with people who want to know more about the mysteries of trees and what surrounds them.”

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ISC Solutions in Metal climb,work,rescue

 Dr Meg Lowman ” Canopy Meg” :

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